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Art Deco Glass

Art Deco glass may add an elegant touch to a variety of home decor. Desired for its sleek, geometric look, this glassware may be found in a virtually unlimited array of patterns, colors, and designs. Moreover, the characteristics of Art Deco glassware create visually pleasing accents wherever the owner chooses to display them.

Also referred to as Depression glass, it was at one time mass produced and sold at relatively affordable prices. Many patterns are predominantly translucent, but there are patterns found in an array of tints. When searching for particularly noteworthy designs, be sure to be on the lookout for the following glassware patterns.

Ruba Rombic is noted for its colorful, cubist appearance. Due in large part to its brief distribution run and bold, modern look, this pattern is quite rare and highly desired by glassware collectors. Moreover, these exquisite items are found in colors including silver, jade, amethyst opal, and smoky topaz.

American, or American-Clear, as it is also known, is a cubist-inspired pattern. Unveiled in 1915, it was a popular and best-selling pattern for several decades. When searching for these pieces, be sure not to confuse them with the similarly-styled Whitehall and Cube patterns.

Mayfair, a pattern produced from 1930 to the mid 1940s, is valued for its vertical lines, squared off handles and stair-step, curved edging. This delicate pattern may be found in colors including green, pink, and topaz. Some pieces may be etched with fern or floral designs.
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Art Deco Glass
Art Deco Glass
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